This post is dedicated to a sulky, disappointed, hopeless future self. While I don’t like meeting her that often, I keep running into her every now and then, so I just want to have proper etiquette in case I have a severe urge to punch her.

The idea behind oxymorons is juxtaposition of contradictory ideas. Like same difference or woeful bliss or idiotically me. You get the drift. While most of the time, it might look like a clever ruse to perplex the reader, it’s usually just a clever ruse to represent the perplexity of the writer.

If that hasn’t perplexed you enough, here’s something to blow your mind away, when you just can’t blow certain thoughts away from your mind.

The trick to deal with setbacks should be healthy compulsions, cause let’s face it, I’m not going to stop obsessing over issues and since I’m obsessed with getting the OCD tag, I must compulsively give myself one.

So what kind of compulsions?

For an adventure loving person like me, it’s mighty boring trying to engage my mind in the same old problem. I’m not really speaking of escapism. Confronting issues is okay. Obsessing over and prolonging them isn’t. Some times, it’s not even in my hands, the situation that I have to face. Apart from the usual hardcore solutions that come to mind, here are a few small ‘adventures’ I would love to embark on in case I’m in no mood to be moody. *unintended oxymoron, if any*.

So oxymoron-ically speaking, if someone or something does you harm, cry no foul. Instead do something good for your soul. Here are a few activities that come to mind:

1. Writing a blog post, cause what’s better than a self referential statement? *Inception* essentially introduced a whole new brand of jokes on self reference. Or referencing self reference. Referenception?

2. Publishing my content to a book. Truth to be told, I’m spreading lots of joy. Might as well get some fame in return….I mean money….I mean joy.

3. Having my question read out on REACT: Advice. Cause, I don’t get enough people paying attention to my problems.

4. Figuring out a way to go viral on the internet. Cause no one will say no to quick fame and money. At least get some 10 favorites/retweets on a tweet!

5. Coming on the radio/starting my own radio show. I want my voice to be heard. Literally.

6. Gatecrashing a wedding. Because if happiness is being spread, I want to be a part of it. Also the buffet spread.

7. Buying someone a meal. Or a drink. Giving someone the tiniest bit of happiness when they’re least expecting it.

8. Finding a way to appear as an extra on a movie *without* getting edited out, just so I can watch it with a friend and play a game of ‘spot-me’.

9. Carrying notes of a single least denomination. Like only 10 bucks notes and making all payments using that. Might end up saving loads.

10. Blindly taking a random route back to home. And hoping I reach back alive.

11. Playing a novel tag game. Get it? If not, you should read more.

12. Assuming a fake identity for day, in front of every new person that I meet on, that day.

13. Adding a new page to Wikipedia. About something interesting. I don’t know yet. I’ll Google first.

14. Coming up with one profound funny quote everyday. Cause Phil is getting old, and so is Phil’s-osophy.

That’s as much as I can think of right now. It sounds more moronic than oxymoron-ic at this point, but life is also about finding those small joys, however silly and insignificant they may seem.


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