Save the Date!

Nah! I’m not getting married. Not yet. But I have been given the responsibility of planning an elaborate date for my boyfriend, who is ever so annoyed with me, it’s annoying.

I have the knack of setting him off because I’m such a charming personality, I can’t keep other people from gravitating towards me. Due to his comparatively smaller mass (my boyfriend weighs at least 6 kg lesser than me and I wouldn’t call myself overweight), he feels that he’s gravitating lesser towards me (low m_2). Cause F = \frac{Gm_1m_2}{r^2} remember? Also he feels he’s further away (high r), as compared to my coworkers. So physics is definitely not on his side.

What I need to make him realize, is the same equation just does not apply to him. The gravitational constant G is larger, which makes all the difference on the earth.

After much coaxing, he has agreed to come over to my work place to take me out on a lunch date. Except that he has asked me to plan an elaborate date. Which, let’s all agree, I’m pretty adept at. I love planning. I love romance. Most importantly, I love food.

I have decided to plan a combination of an awesome food place that doesn’t burn too big a hole in my pocket, and burning holes in pockets. Or at least doing something randomly adventurous along that line.

As a big time nerd fascinated with stories, I also want to set a theme to the date. I have thus far eliminated horror and melodramatic sob-fest from the options. Also Bollywood, cause that just does not make sense <sneaky pun eh?>. I’m probably going to go with romance, comedy and adventure.

With the flow of thought, I think I’m going to make the theme of the date, a book. Cause what’s better to entice a nerd? The idea is to do a real time scripting of the date. Of course, I’ll add my own magical elements to the tale. I must admit, the idea isn’t entirely original. I came across this post that had a guy do a real-time tweet of a potential ‘love story’ between two strangers in front of him who had met on a train ride.

Story telling on the go! Hopefully turns out great!


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