I’m Exhausted

I have had only 2 hours of sleep today. I’ve had two big arguments and discussions with two different guys in a span of 12 hours. I have a sore throat and cold. Normally this would be a bad thing, except that I’m really excited about the beast that is about to get unleashed now. *evil smile*

Chaos is beautiful. Entropy is information. Let’s paint the blank white canvas!

I’m essentially sustaining myself on coffee and cough drops and hoping a stroke of genius hits me. I don’t mind other kinds of strokes or hits either. I’ve been optimizing my code for my project, to remove redundancy. Lol. Funnily enough, my code actually performs optimization and removes redundancy by expressing signals in wavelet bases, which essentially remove redundancy. See what I did there? I’m not optimizing that! Ah universe. You have a weird sense of humor. [Universe:- Not weirder than yours, you crazy person.]

Haha! Did I just make the universe crack an absurd joke on me? [No, silly girl, you’re the queen of all absurd jokes in the world].


I have mentioned this to people before. I don’t even need to drink to be ‘drunk’. Sleep deprivation, mental/emotional exhaustion, excess caffeine all attribute to a drunk like state so unparalleled, I can’t drink enough to drown the chaos.

But hey, chaos is beautiful. And so is the universe.

I like you universe. Between you and me, I know we share a love hate relationship. Sometimes, I even love you more than you hate me. At times like this, I sound like a deranged lyricist on the cusp of finally making a breakthrough in Hollywood.

Sometimes, I hate you more than you love me, so I start blogging about it and get excited realizing that I’m making a self referential statement. I like attention in every possible form, even my own.

But you already knew that, didn’t you, universe? Of course. I love you. Your expanse is all encompassing. I know I’m trying to flatter you. Cause you so multidimensional, a flat-er you would be so much easier to understand. I’ll never stop getting to know you. I hope you never give up on me either.

Love, an oneironaut.


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