Impulse Response

It’s a shiny new day and I have a huge impulse to make things right in my life. Hence, the response to the impulse.

It started off as a fairly beautiful day. I woke up in a pile of clothes, food and trash… and wrote my previous blog post. My boyfriend was particularly cheery, probably as an after effect of me coaxing him to be a bit more positive and less morose. I then stumbled upon a post made by a quixotic friend of mine, which was stereotypically preachy, though I know he means well. I also stumbled upon a pamphlet of a brand new range of burgers that Dunkin Donuts has come up with (my roomie is a manager there), so I’m pretty excited to try them out (but more about getting the discount that my roomie gets me, in return for braving the snoring, all night call sessions and persistent screeching at her boyfriend. Err. Fiance).

Today is dedicated to righting some more wrongs and hopefully make the world a better place to live in. I shut off my computer for the first time in about 2 months. I’ll be getting a few things that I impulse bought a few days back, delivered to me today. A cool pair of headphones and hopefully what will turn out to be an inspirational book.

I need to drop a couple mails and I need to write some more. Not on blog form but in terms of a technical paper. I won’t be interacting much with aforementioned quixotic friend, so more blog posts to follow to fill that void. Hopefully turns out to be a new adventure.


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