Leap Day

It’s leap day, which according to Irish myth, is the only day that women are allowed to propose to men.

Incidentally, exactly fours years back, I had the crazy idea of asking out my then on-and-off friend/boyfriend who is currently the Humanoid that serves me and that I occasionally take care of. I was immature. Enamored by the abundance of fantasy that life had to offer. I wanted to do something memorable. Something I could look back on. Cmon, something that could happen once in four years was milestone worthy.

This year though, I accept leap day as the universe gifting me extra twenty four hours, which I’ll hopefully utilize in the best possible way. I could really use the extra time. I’m lagging behind abysmally in my modus operandi. It’s actually been so long since I made my modus operandi, my new modus operandi should be to make a modus operandi. Also, that’s a really cool word. Thanks, Latin.

The second point on my modus operandi should be to digress a little less. Which is why, I’d like to divert the course of this blog post into something more meaningful.

I want to make today, spectacular for myself. Not for my humanoid boyfriend. Certainly not for quixotic friends. Call me vain, I’m in quite some pain. Only way to make things sane, is to not obsess over things inane.

Today, I want to take a leap. A leap away from empty promises. A leap into a brighter future. A leap into certainty.

It’s the 29th of February. And it’s the leap day.


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