It’s the 24th of the month that seems to have March-ed right into summery skies and woefully constant air pressure. But unlike the weather, life has been quite breezy.

A lot happened over the past month, academically. I submitted the second draft to my manuscript (technically the first fully finished one) based on compressively sensed ultrasound images. I hope it can soon be published into a good journal. It’s been a long formed dream of mine to have something published.

I also happened to get an admit into Arizona State University, for MSE in Electrical Engineering. Apart from that, I got call backs from Iowa State University for PhD, something that’s still in progress. I have an interview scheduled for the same on 26th of March, and I hope, that like every other thing that falls on a 26th (including my birthday), this interview turns out to be a life changer.

It was also a time when I found myself, along with my quixotic friend, befriending an endearing new character from our lab, a Gdroid. Since we seem to have similar interests, and are united under the Spectrum of our lab, I’ve named us, Spectrio. I think that’s a Spectacular name. Together, we’re quite a Spectre to the rest of my lab. Fine, I’ll stop Speculating.

So together, we helped Gdroid face a problem that often droids encounter when they decide to turn human. Gdroid has been since long, allured by the magnetic charms of one young miss girly girl who happens to be a big time opportunist. Ironically, Miss Opportunista’s feelings towards Gdroid are robotic, lacking any sense of depth of human emotion.

Following the second law of thermodynamics, the entropy of the situation only increased. Quixotic friend Adders, who keeps adding stuff into his brain without good reason, managed to decode the algorithm and insert a break statement into an otherwise infinite loop. Gdroid was securely debugged.

Well, he had to be. He was bugging our heads off otherwise, every day, going on insanely long discussions about aforementioned Miss Opportunista, whose existence is both unimportant and irritating to me. Gdroid is a firm believer in the MBTI personality types, something that I’d love to elaborate on, in a later post. That’s so INTJ of him and ENFP of me. If you don’t get that, you better ESFJ and run.

Things have been great with Drake, my boyfriend, who is as ever a source of great inspiration to me. I helped him impulse buy a Kindle, something he had been crying about buying for the last 4.5 years. I guess he’s far more capable of KindLove than I am.

I’m thinking of starting technical writing again, it’s been quite a while. Now that I’ve written one manuscript, shouldn’t be hard to write another. Also, I will try blogging  a lot more often.

As of now though, I need to get back into study mode. I need to learn probability theory for my interview, something I’m definitely not good at. But I’ll probably manage, as always, if I were to believe the statistics.





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