The Boy with the Barbie Bag

As I stood at the bus stop today, I noticed a young boy in a school uniform, about seven years in age, trying to cross the street. He must have been about 3ft tall. And he was wearing a pink and sky blue Barbie bag. Probably his sister’s hand-me-down.

As he stood across the road, 3 gigantic cars zoomed by. But little dude had to cross, so he raised his hand and signalled the next car to stop. No hesitation in his eyes. No awkwardness about the Barbie bag. Crossed the street with gusto! #likeaboss

Even I would have cringed if my mom made me wear a Barbie bag to school. I gave him a smile when he crossed over to my side.

How are you so bold, young man? You’re awesome. Gave me a lot of courage and inspiration for the day!


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