Car-pooling Alone

Am I the only one who feels really bad when I book an Uber pool or Ola share cab, only to later find out that I have no co-passengers? Here’s why it annoys me:

1. I’m all for the concept of car pooling. If this city had better public transport in terms of the connectivity of metro trains, I would have preferred that. Traffic and pollution are a nuisance. This ain’t car pooling, it’s fooling.

2. Having grown up in India, I find the sudden expanse of space around me overwhelming. If there aren’t more than 2 people in 6ft radius, it’s plain weird.

3. I come from a technical background. Now most times, Uber gets this model right. I do usually get a co-passenger. If I don’t, I’m charged the standard fare of a regular uber. Ola gets the whole algo wrong. So many times, I’m notified of a co-passenger but the driver fails to pick him/her up. The fare is prepaid so they only earn what I pay them in the beginning, which is around 50% of the standard fare. Failed economics, I just can’t stand.

Side note: Ola probably needs a better programmer. I could apply.

4. You would have thought that having to travel at a reduced price alone would have been fun. The fact is that I like noticing people around me. They either keep texting or make phone calls. And I also find out the interesting places where people work. No co-passenger, no story.


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