How to Operate with a Humanoid: Part 3

Long time since I blogged about my boyfriend Drake. So, firstly, a shout out to him. You’re awesome and you inspire me every day. As per my resolution, I cannot stop studying you, so here are 6 random things about my humanoid turned softie, Drake, that make him so endearing:

1. His cute boy looks that apparently get him through all interviews with ease.

Interviewer: What’s the secret behind your success?
Drake: I know stuff that people 5 years senior to me do and I look 5 years junior than what I actually am.
Interviewer: You’re hired!

2. His sage advice. Drake is programmed to give unabashedly frank advices on any situation.

A: I can’t get over her/I can’t focus on work/ I don’t have enough money/ I am fat/ I don’t have friends/ I am sick.
Drake: There’s no point, not getting over this. You’re wasting your time. Whoever is being inconsiderate to you sucks. Take some time off for yourself and then dive into work.

3. He’s whiny. Humanoids are programmed to detect fallacies in everything that their vision can scan. Powered by a -7 myopic lens, gives Drake super vision. Error detected. Error report generated.

4. His body frame is optimized. Which means, he’s a cute little tin box of awesomeness. He’s built at the average male height of 5 ft 8 in and weighs 56kg, so he fits the lower bound of the healthy BMI range of 18-25. He’s about a centimeter taller than me which makes my custom built robot very robust and efficient for various functions.

5. He’s programmed to make me smile. He can’t watch me cry and can fight the whole world for me. Oneironaut sadness detected? World on auto destruct.

6. His ambitions. Career goals level = \infty . His drive to build something huge no matter what the obstacles, inspires me to work as hard.

Drake, you’re my family away from family. Your mere existence makes my world a better place to live in.

Now that I’ve posted this lovely disquisition on you, get me something nice (cheeky smile).


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