Thought for food.

I have been a big fan of flavored milk since childhood. The summers are here and so I love to sample a box of chilled flavoured milk every now and then. The most general ones that I’ve had are almond, cardamom, pistachio, strawberry and chocolate. I had been since long searching for the rose flavored one from a well known milk chain in this city. Finally found one today (after maybe 7-8 tries?)! Let’s just say that I like things rosy and milky… No I’m not talking about skin complexion!

They say happiness is right around the corner. Considering that I stay in a paying guest (PG) accommodation, the spinster life takes quite a toll. No kitchen to cook myself some comfort food. Surprisingly, two new awesome eateries have opened up in the vicinity, serving the kind of food that I can sustain on, during spells of despair, disdain, dismay and all other kinds of dis-es. Oh yes, pun intended. Oh and I don’t even have  do the dishes.

It’s also the season of mangoes, and I simply love mango milkshakes. Mango make this wo-man go wild. Pretty sure my diet for the summer will only consist of milkshakes and juices. It’s way too hot for anything else!

Double edged swords.

Speaking of the onset of sparkly summer, the scorching bright sun does seem to be taking a toll on everyone’s moods. It’s known to make quite a lot of people irritable. Irritability is known to spark bouts of craziness in me. Now if people aren’t aware, my cycle Katana, was stolen, after someone left it unlocked in the parking area of my institute campus. Though I was quite distraught with grief, I never really tried to find it. I did get myself a brand new cycle (which led me to lose my bagpack with laptop, but that’s a whole other story), 18 gears. Yesterday I saw a couple of guards cycling towards my department, and I thought to myself: if my cycle has been stolen from the campus, it’s probably being used by someone within the campus too. What if I go check out every possible place in the campus where people could have parked my cycle? Maybe I could still find it? So much for optimism!

Not that finding the cycle is a huge deal or anything, it’s quite moot, considering that I have a shiny new geared cycle. But still I think I’d like to give it a try, might count as a new mini adventure. And who knows, maybe I’ll end up discovering something I had never really expected before! I guess this is an activity I’m all GEARed up. Hopefully people are up to speed with that pun.

A reason to smile.

A friend once told me that I should smile more often, because it helps spread happiness. It’s true, people who smile, give out a lot more positive vibes that attract good attention and beget confidence, well wishes and appreciation. Well, much like an age old motto of mine goes, there’s nothing to get by moping over my own bad luck. I’d rather take in my stride and be better prepared for worse. Also, I know that the thing most people abhor is when someone fights all odds and still manages to march past those who have things easier. Oddly enough most movies based on the whole underdog theme are the ones that make the most money.

I guess the new motto of my life would be the pursuit of my inner happiness. Sophrosyne.


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