Until Dawn

Much of my time today went into watching the entire game play of this horror adventure game called Until Dawn, by PewDiePie. The whole premise is based on the butterfly effect, in which each of the 8 central characters can perform actions that indirectly affect their or someone else’s survival chances in the game. Since each character has 2 options… either they survive or they die by the end, that makes it 2^8 possible endings for the game. Now, of course, ideally I would have loved to play the game, but (a) I don’t have a good enough laptop to, and (b) I was so engrossed in just watching the game play, I really think I would have forgotten to live, had I actually played it.

I must say, I need to try my hand at more of these horror or adventure based interactive games. As a kid, I had no choice but to play what my kid brother did, which was basically Age of Empires, Recoil, Mortal Kombat 4 and the likes… and the only game that I played properly recently was Portal. None of them have been interactive in any sense, so I was greatly engrossed and curious about this format!

I’m pretty sure I’d like to play the sequel to the game, whenever it’s out. It’s also making me wonder about the butterfly effect, so I’m probably going to write a well thought out post on that topic. Guess that’s some butterfly effect in action, as I type this out?

As of now, I really need to get working, but my mind is figuratively blown at the moment, just living that game. It’s nearing dusk, and I better do something more productive. Here’s hoping I have some solid results to show my prof by dawn tomorrow.



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