Expecto Patronum

It’s a bright new day and I thought I’ll write a post on optimism for those who might be seeking some. And for those who’re happy enough to begin with, props to you for destroying the demons of the world, you’re a hero!

There are a lot of situations that might arise in life that set you back. You break up with someone, you’re not able to find enough joy in work, work pressure kills your productivity, you have bad blood with your coworkers, you feel lost in your career, you can’t wait to get your hands on the new Harry Potter book coming out in July, you can’t wear shorts to work cause it’s unprofessional but it’s too hot outside for jeans…. you get the drift. Life can be a big jerk to you sometimes.

In such situations, be the rebel that you are. How can you let things bog you down? Rebel against the whole world if you have to. No one has the right to make you unhappy, so don’t give anyone else the power to. You’re the only person in charge of your happiness.

If people don’t value you, prove them wrong. Fight against all odds to succeed. They’ll know what they’re missing out on.

If you miss someone in your life, invest all of that pent up care and passion into building something huge. Invest into your career. Invest into a secure future. Or give back to the society in some way. Help out a poor kid in need. Certain investments have better returns. Make a wise decision about where you want to invest your energies.

If you are in a dilemma and confused about the next step to take, then make any decision. Of course, weigh out the pros and cons first. But even after that if you’re not able to make a call, then according to Fredkin’s paradox, it doesn’t matter what option you choose between two equally attractive options. After you make that decision, stick to it and put every effort into making it work.

If people judge you and think negatively about you, the only way you can feed their tendencies is by getting affected by it. Let’s look at it this way. These are the set of people that have never really wished well for you. They have never bothered to clarify their point of contention with you. Obviously hating on you is a well established hobby for them. They’re actually giving you a lot of undue importance for being someone so inconsequential to their existence. So just don’t bother. Carry on with what you have to do, because no one can judge you better than yourself.

If you’re panicking about a big change that might happen in your life, don’t! You’ve been through a lot more. Sum up all of your anxiety episodes of varying intensities that you have experienced till now. Your neural pathways are well trained, to cope up with distress. You’ll be able to get through, your brain is powerful enough to make sure of that.

Think about Darwin’s theory. Survival of the fittest? If you need to make it in the world, you’ll have to face any kind of boulder that life throws at you. If you can get through this, you can get through anything, cause you’re invincible.

Don’t let the dementors suck on your soul. Expecto patronum!


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