Emotional Quotient and Remainder

Are you the kind of person who finds themselves trapped in annoying situations? Do you have absolutely no impulse control? Do most of your actions lead to catastrophic results that you can kinda foresee but ignore due to living “in the moment”? Do you find it insanely hard to say “no” to people? Do you think you’re so highly empathetic, you feel trapped by your emotions and can’t make a good decision because of that?

You’re then rightly, what people call, a mess. And you’re also very vulnerable, naïve and a wee bit idiotic. Now, I was that person. I’d like to say that I’m trying not to be that any more. See, the only difference between being a rational person and the mess I described above, is using the tiny little thing that’s placed in the upper storage compartment of your body, often called the brain. You might want to use it once in a while, specially if you have a respectable 140+ IQ like me.

Speaking of IQ, I thought I must test out my emotional quotient EQ and estimate where I stand. To my relief, I scored low on both the tests that I took.


Relief? Well, I could see it coming. It’s like a validation that yes, I am an emotional fool.


So, I clearly score really low on self management (the scores are on a scale of 1-10), on this test (Maetrix). As a consequence, I had to Google how to improve my emotional intelligence so that I get better scores in about a month’s time.

Psychology Today has a post on how to improve emotional intelligence. I’m pretty sure I’m going to swear by it from now on.

Now that I’m a certified emotional idiot, let me take some desperate measures to rectify my obnoxious behavior. Here are a few things that I hope to do in the forthcoming weeks.

1. Be completely oblivious to my surroundings. Ignorance is bliss. I don’t want to involve myself in more than what I can handle, emotionally.

2. Really focus on work, because that’s what’s going to propel me in my career.

3. Focus on productive conversations that help enrich my ideas instead of reflecting on mere observations and past interests or events.

4. Present the best version of myself to the world, because why shield people from so much awesomeness?

Hopefully I’ll be able to manage my self well.


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