Toying Around

Yesterday, after visiting my boyfriend’s place, I realized that we needed to make indoor activities more fun. There’s a lot more to do than watch buzzfeed videos all day long!

On an impulse I dragged him along to the nearest toy shop, a huge one that too. As a kid I had never been to a toy shop! Yeah! And this was a two storey extravaganza dedicated to just toys. They had board games, Barbie dolls, Beyblades, puzzles, card games, legos, stuffed toys, gaming cubes, action figures…. you name it, and it was all there. I was enthralled!

Of course, I simply had to buy something. Our initial objective was to just buy a deck of cards, to have something to while away time when we get bored. I didn’t change our plan too greatly. Only I bought another pack of Pictureka! cards.


It’s quite a fun game! As long as I convince people to play it with me first. I have a competitive streak when it comes to games, which makes winning extremely important to me. So as long as people can bear losing almost every game, you’re welcome to play with me.


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