Complimentary Sets

Who doesn’t love compliments? They’re essential for peaceful coexistence! But does every compliment do the trick? Here are 7 categories of compliments that I can think of:

Category 1: The boomerang.
The tit for tat kind. Where you can’t come up with anything nice for the other person, so you simply mirror their compliment. This is also the last-resort kind of compliment, where you need to say something to the other person in return for their compliment, to not appear shallow and self absorbed.

Me: You look cute!
Drake: You look cute too.

Category 2: The hyperbole.
The ones that are so exceptionally brilliant, no other kind takes their place!

Me: Drake, you are the most enchantingly marvelous, astoundingly ingenious and incredibly suave boyfriend in the world!
Drake: (stumped)

Category 3: The backhanded.
Usually utilized by highly sarcastic people who love giving people a hard time and can’t say a sentence in a straightforward way.

Me to the b*tch in my workplace : (in my mind) Wow you’re so pretty that your dumbness almost doesn’t show.

Category 4: The so-subtle-you-miss-it.
Employed by introverts who believe that revealing even a slightly dominating opinion will tarnish their life forever, so they like playing it ‘safe’.

Me: Do my earrings look good?
Drake: They do match your dress.
Me: Is that good or bad?
Drake: Good I think… I don’t know how this stuff works… please don’t kill me.

Category 5: The misfire.
Happens when the receiver has an altogether different sense of judgement.

Me: Hey, thanks a lot for the help man! You’re a really good friend.
Friend: (looking enraged and offended) Just stop talking. I can’t stand this. I’ve told you so many times not to thank me.
Me: (perplexed) Umm okay. Sorry for being polite and well mannered.

Category 6: The unintended.

Drake:You look just like that actress in that movie.
Me: Oh thank you! That’s so sweet of you!
Drake: (Unsure. Was just stating an observation) Err yeah… the resemblance is uncanny.

Category 7: The last-resort.
Employed when fights get out of hand or to prevent the occurrence of a fight by assuaging the other person’s ego.

Me: How could you say that to me Drake? Do you know how much effort I have put into planning and making that poster? You’ve still not framed it?
Drake: Uhh… yeah, I was just looking for the best laminating and printing shop in town to frame your masterpiece!
Me: Aww!
Drake: (phew!)

These are all the ones that I could think of. Did I miss any? If so, let me know. I’ll take that as a compliment considering that you made an effort to read the whole article (tongue out emoticon). Which just leads us to the last category: the straightforward kind.


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