Healthy Mind

I’m hereby taking a vow for good health. I’ve been feeling pretty crappy over the past few weeks. I have been binge eating unhealthy food, I’m stressed out about my PhD admits and worried about the whole visa application process. There are a ton of other issues running in the background that I don’t even want to get started on. As a result,  it has all been affecting my health. I tend to have pain in my left arm whenever I’m under extreme stress. It also means that I need to start exercising again, regardless of the weather. I’ve been stalling it because it has been raining the whole of last week and I was also on my periods. Think I have no excuse to not cycle today! I woke up today with incredibly severe leg muscle cramps that were so unbearable that I couldn’t sleep. I perpetually feel tired and I’m actually annoyed with myself for being so unhealthy. Mentally and physically.

I’ve read on several websites that physical fitness affects mental fitness. So I’m going to try having a balanced diet, good sleep and exercise for the whole of next month. Target: losing the 5kgs that I put on over last 5 months. #newgoals


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