When Harry met Voldy


Note: Contains lots of Harry Potter references. Don’t be disarmed!

People talk about soul mates very often in the context of love. These days I find myself lost in Potterverse and I just happened to think… weren’t Harry and Voldemort also technically soulmates? They did share parts of the same soul.

Voldemort was what made Harry, Harry Potter. The chosen one. The boy who lived. He killed Harry’s parents, and accidentally passed a part of his soul into baby Harry. To think of it, Harry’s life’s defining moment was when he was just a year old.

It’s funny, how Voldemort would chase down an infant who would be a potential threat to his reigning life. So many times, in life, we envision someone to hold that defining position in our life, and in doing so, we actually help them secure that very position. The lines are quite blurry. And so Voldy envisioned Harry to be the one to pull him down, completely unaware of the existence of Neville’s long bottom. How many times do we do that in real life? When we fall in love, we make that one person the center of our universe, we are the ones who give them the power to change our lives forever. When we hate someone, we give them the right to hurt us when we’re at our weakest. And in either case, it never really had to be that person who we would love or hate. It could very easily have been any one else. And yet, we almost always tend to choose our own soulmates, both the good and the bad kind. So Voldy was just one of us!

And to think Voldy wasn’t human at all? The entire premise of Harry Potter is based on the insecurity that Voldy holds over his own power and skill. We all know how insecurity can drive us crazy.

In many ways, Harry was what Voldy always wanted. They complemented each other’s lives so well, and yet, they were the same people at their core. Voldemort was known to keep his death eaters close. He was deeply offended when they wavered in their loyalty. Harry was also ever-so-dependent on his reliable friends. They were both haunted by the absence of love. They were both loners at heart. But they both liked being surrounded by like-minded people.

Neither can live while the other survives…

Thanks to Trelawney, now that Voldy had absolutely made the choice to make Harry his soulmate, one of them was destined to die at the hands of the other, if the other had to live a wonderfully pleasant life. After Voldy regained his body at the end of the fourth book, right up to the end of the seventh book, both survived simultaneously. But neither was able to truly ‘live’. Voldy was in his never ending tussle of wanting to be the most powerful wizard of all time. He was almost always scared, even to his own disbelief, of the danger that Harry posed to him. Harry on the other hand, was also scared, trying to protect the ones he loved the most. But I’ll give Harry more credit. He did whatever he had to, to avenge the death of his parents.

They both shared their minds, which meant that Harry could see into Voldy’s head when Voldy was too proud or too frail to use Occlumency. Voldy could control Harry’s mind whenever Harry was doing a Harry, and was not able to control a single thought in his mind. [On a side note, I think Harry always took himself way too seriously. A character flaw that made it difficult for me to embrace him fully]. Agreed, Harry was scarred since birth [pun! pun!], but that doesn’t mean that he can simply discount Legilimency as Snape’s tool to torture him. Not everyone wants you to die, Harry. Geez. Some people are actually trying to protect you and can’t reveal their intentions to you immediately.

Speaking of which, when Voldy took Harry’s blood, to reform himself, he made sure that Lily’s protective charm lingered, as long as Voldy lived. Which would mean that he knowingly ensured that Harry wouldn’t die as long as Voldy survived. How sweet of him! I think somewhere Voldy really loved Harry. Somewhere, Voldy liked marking Harry as his equal.

Personally, I feel that the whole to and fro between Harry and Voldy was a massively intricate web of emotional ties that are so evident in real life, it’s thought provoking! It was never just a good v/s evil tale. To think that J K Rowling put so much thought into it, just makes my eyes go Rolling. J.K.!

I hope that when I write a story of my own, I’ll be able to weave such characters and plot lines that will hopefully be inspiring enough to ignite some self reflection. In case this or my future stories ever get read by her, I’m one of her biggest fans!

After all this time? Always!


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