The Oneironaut

I posted a rather depressive article yesterday, by mistake and immediately removed it. Nah, that’s just not my style. I don’t mull over negatives. I don’t dwell in the past. If anything, I’m a dreamer. An oneironaut, if you will. Oneironauts are explorer of dreams, and here I am, on the cusp of exploring mine.

I have a lot going on in my life these days. I’m prepping up to fulfill my dream of getting a PhD, under the supervision of a highly promising professor. Yesterday was one chaotic day. I was busy editing the draft of my technical paper to be submitted to a reputed journal in ultrasonics. I found out that my PhD advisor was in town for a conference, so I emailed him, asking for a brief introductory session. I managed to attend his talk and have a quick word with him after! I was quite nervous, so I went the Chandler way, every now and then:


Though overall, I was extremely thrilled! He seems to be a great person, so I’m highly excited to be working with him for the next five years. I have also begun apartment hunting for places around the campus! So much to look forward to!

A few days back, the company OnePlus had announced the sale of their Loop VR (virtual reality) sets, for nominal prices on the Amazon website, in India. It looks like this:


Apparently they had only 30,000 sets to be claimed all across the world. It was a lightning deal, being sold for ₹41 (including shipping). That’s less than $1! Obviously there was huge traffic on the website, but I managed to get hold of one. My boyfriend was only too eager for one, so it doubled up as a super-awesome (also extremely cheap) gift. Now the odds of me getting my hands on one were low, and I’ve always wanted to win something for a lot lower than what it costs. This was practically a giveaway! Plus, the whole VR experience is amazing! My boyfriend and I tried watching a couple of those 360° videos on YouTube (any 5-6 inch smart phone works!), and the experience was definitely VR. Very Radical.

My scientific mind is itching to utilize the potential of this platform to come up with vivid dream-like projections that can be visualized on the VR set.

Owing to the plethora of happenings in my life, my mind has been awfully stressed lately. Both in good and bad ways. And usually when I’m stressed I tend to have detailed dreams closely related to the events of the day or something I might have watched on YouTube. I’ve been on a dream marathon for the whole of last week! This heightened neural activity during night, while lets me see some interesting visuals, is actually cutting into the restful sleep I deserve. I end up feeling quite tired and irritable during the day. I guess my brain is getting fatigued by the information overload.

I think I’m taking my nickname too seriously! Time to slow down a little and blog more!



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