Happy Work Anniversary to Me!

Exactly a year back, I came from the city of dreams, Mumbai, to this city with my own dream, Bangalore. Okay, Bengaluru. The dream of doing a PhD. The pessimistic me would love to dramatize my life and obsess over the thorns that have pricked me, but there have been roses attached to those very thorns. So here’s an attempt to appreciate all that did go right.

When I came to this city, I first moved in with my boyfriend for a week. That was one of the ‘big steps’ in our relationship. Subsequently I found an accommodation near my place of work and moved out, but I’d continue visiting him every weekend, barring a few, without fail. We explored almost every restaurant in town, and after my boyfriend started earning the big bucks and I secured my PhD offer, the lazy took over the crazy and we subscribed to getting lip-smacking food delivered to our doorstep. Though occasionally, specially during rainy weather, we do sneak out to buy some crispy hot bhajjis from the local shop, to go with my typical cravings for self-made hot tea.

Weekends at my boyfriend’s place have been my ultimate retreat. From binge watching YouTube, to pampering each other with pedicures and hearty homemade brunches, to playing scrabble and pictureka!, to binge shopping at supermarkets and so much more, we’ve done it all, and it has been so much fun! As a bonus, my OCD alter ego would hyper organize his room for his own good.

On the work front, apart from finally getting to work on my dream project, I got to interact with some like-minded people and some brilliant minds in general. Lots of people brimming with ideas on how to research better. I’ve had some cool intellectual conversations, something that I had always sought, but never really found the right company for.

Several people had interesting perspectives about life in general, and I’d like to believe that I did notice if not absorb them. They’re worthy of a thorough analysis. I did learn a few valuable lessons. For instance, I realized something about having dreams. Since I was a kid, I’ve grown up to be a dreamer. The whole “dream it, believe it” part latched on to me at a young age. I always knew that if I wanted to be someone in life, I would need to dream big. The whole big shocker that life gifts you, is the “do it” part. You realize that dreaming isn’t enough.

Now, I’d consider myself to be a smart girl. I have a good 140+ IQ. I never had to struggle too hard to understand math. But apparently there is a very big difference between being good at something and making someone else believe that you are. A big part of my dream was to make others believe in that dream, and that has been such a tough task from the first day! And I’ve learnt over the past one year, through the series of interviews that I’ve given, and my interactions with my professor and boss, what selling your ideas, your aspirations and your ambitions, actually evaluates to.

Something else that I learnt is that people will always jump to point out your flaws, gloat over your failures, revel in gossiping over your issues (heck, people will actually bond over these, so you’ll secretly help bring people together!) but there are very few people who will truly appreciate your success. And while success doesn’t promote conviviality, it does command respect, and I hope I have commanded back much of the respect that I had lost, due to some personal hindrances. To quote Taylor Swift, haters gonna hate! So I’m just going to shake it off.

I’ve also realized the importance of time management and maintaining a healthy regime and work etiquette. I’m going to get my technical paper out soon, I just can’t wait any longer for it!

So these are few of the things that make me feel good about the past one year. It definitely makes me feel a lot older and wiser. I hope I’ll continue to take my life lessons in my stride and make the best out of every situation. Happy work anniversary to me!


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