Food Pun Wars

A snippet of the pun-tastic conversation that went on between me and a geeky robotic person (GRP) cum colleague:
GRP: The Small Talk Group (STG) can’t take my facts so I usually don’t talk about deep topics like food history.
Me: Why, won’t they be able to … swallow it?
GRP: (rants on and on about his newfound fascination on food history)
Me: Ah I see you missed my pun.
GRP: (rants more)
Me: It will take a while for me to savor all of this.
GRP: …and eventually I ordered three books on food history. Okay. Done talking.
Me: Missed it again!
GRP: Eeeks, sorry. I don’t seem to have a taste for your puns today evening. And I am missing them right under my nose.
Me: You could be sweeter
GRP: I like spice.
Me: I smell something fishy.
GRP: Is that just for puns sake? Or do you also actually smell something fishy?
Me: Ah forget it this ain’t your cup of tea.
GRP: See I got the sweeter pun. Of course, but I am not hungry for puns as of now.
Me: I think you have too much on your plate.
GRP: I’m too tired for pun wars, sorry. I can only listen, can’t make any at this moment.
My brain needs some rest.
Me: I’m on a roll with the puns. Meanwhile you seem to be in a soup.
GRP: Yeah I got the roll part. Oh dear stop stuffing me.
Me: Ah I see that your brain juices are finally flowing.
GRP: You went past dessert and I’m really full of it. You can stop cooking up puns now.
Me: This is a cake walk for me.
GRP: *puke* Sorry, too much puns. Actually it’s funny.
Me: Ah now you’re just trying to butter me up.
GRP: Bot is recovering from denial of service puns attack please stand by.
Me: I’m totally going to milk this.
GRP: *Pun spam*. It’s a pun get it ? *Spam*.
Me: Lol. Yeah. You need to take a chill pill.
GRP: I need to cool off. Before I get served by you.
Me: Haha. You burned it with that one!
GRP: Now things are simmering, huh?
Me: Only until they reach the boiling point.
GRP: Then it gets too thick. Rather, dense.
Me: That’s fine. I’m not the kind to cry over split milk.
GRP: You can use split-milk to make pun-neer (cottage cheese) instead of crying over spilt milk. Actually if you cry over spilt milk the salt might split it.
Me: Haha. Wouldn’t that be a treat?
GRP: I’m feeling seared by the rate of puns again. Once more my brain is drained. Now that it’s already been boiled so far.
Me: Oh. Are you as red as a tomato? Are your brains fried out?
GRP: Yup it’s way too peppered with puns.
Me: Whoa, don’t rub salt on the wound!
Mind if I post this repartee on my blog?
GRP: Okay, but from where does the content start, which will be posted on your blog?
Me: The food puns part.
GRP: Okay, that’s good for starters.
Me: Haha, else it will be too much to digest!
GRP: So what else is on the menu? I mean what’re you upto? I will be going for dinner in 15 mins.
Me: I had Dominos pizza.
GRP: It’s so cheesy. You seem to have got some dough.
Me: Haha!
GRP: I’m being saucy, huh?
Me: I’m too full to make puns now. I’m bloated.
Are you thirsty for more awesome posts? I have a lot more cooking up! I hope you have the appetite for it 😀

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