Eleanor & Park – Review

Eleanor & ParkEleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A review just three words long?

I loved it.

Now the longer version. I have a tendency to love books that have characters that I can relate to. I especially love books that have strong female characters. I have noticed that most female-oriented books are written by women; it’s an obvious proposition. So when a book has a strong female lead with traits that I can relate to, the result is engrossing read where I forget to live my actual life and live vicariously through the characters of the book instead.

Rainbow Rowell’s prose is metaphorically poetic. Go figure! It’s enchantingly breathtaking. It blew my mind because of its sheer simplicity and elegance. You know a book has won you over when you unabashedly throw positive adjectives in the review!

I loved how the layers of both characters unfolded. Park being more simple and straightforward, was upfront, bold and stoic, in spite of working through his own insecurities. Meanwhile Eleanor had a darker past and hence a richer, more convoluted characterization. She opened up a lot slower and rather unexpectedly. The whole process of both characters coming-of-age was guided by a well written transition throughout the book. It’s like the characters grew in front of my eyes. They surrounded me. Tales of young love always fascinate me. Aren’t we all trying to relive our childhoods one way or the other? It was an age of innocence, a lot of promise and hope and so many aspirations.

There were several nuances that added a rich flavor to the proceedings. There’s a minor whodunit track with a rather disturbing reveal. The author deals with some strong social issues in a familial scenario, which was quite riveting. In fact these parts make for a brilliant contrast, as a backdrop for a blooming and charming love story between two young adults.

I’d recommend it to anyone who longs to lose themselves in a book. This is one of that kind!

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