Revenge is a Dish

There is a person who has been harassing me indirectly, spreading malicious rumors about me to anybody who will listen. He has been doing this at every chance that he gets, bad-mouthing me to my friends and possible future co-workers.

Why? Because I turned him down at one point. He used to be a ‘friend’. After I refused his advances, he proclaims that I ‘used’ him, because I accepted help that he would readily offer. People have several ways of dealing with rejection; with him, degrading my reputation in front of my coworkers, was his revenge. Is the male ego really that fragile, that tearing down a woman’s image is the only way one gets satisfaction?

He has no life of his own. He spends days drowned in alcohol, cigarettes and weed. He has an abysmal work ethic. He has no respect for his coworkers, seniors or friends. He has no clue where his life is headed. He has in the past mistreated his ex-girlfriend. God bless her, I think she’s so much better off without him in her life, even though she still clamors for his attention.

This is an out-of-control man-child who has no idea about how to treat women in a dignified way. He regularly drives under influence. He likes infiltrating minds of his cronies against girls who defy him in some way. He’s a maniac out on the lose. I have so far maintained a dignified silence about this, but the situation seems to be getting far out of my hands. I have little to no hope of salvaging the situation. I’m glad to be moving away from the poisonous atmosphere to a new city, a new country.

I have never really hoped ill for anyone, but this is the first time I find myself in that situation. I really hope he suffers the consequences of his actions.

On the flip side, as my boyfriend keeps suggesting to me, I’ll let my work speak for itself. Success will follow and I will eventually feel good about myself. I’ll hopefully meet newer people who respect me. And I will be extremely vary of letting my shields down in front of the next guy who seems too eager to please me.


So the question is, how do I serve this dish called revenge? Hot? Cold? Or not at all? I anyway have a lot on my plate and I find the ordeal rather unappetizing. Am I just too sweet? Maybe time will tell. Till then, cheers!



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