So I recently started graduate school at Iowa State University, for my PhD in Electrical engineering. It’s quite literally a status update, if you may. 

A lot has already changed and much is yet to. Murphy continues to side me, but I seem to notice a decent number of people of people around me who have also had their own fair share of misfortunes. Let’s just all agree that no one has it easy. Peace? 

At this point I did have the biggest urge to just start a whole new blog. Cause, new chapter, new life, new blog eh? That’s how I’ve always had it. But this year is not about exploring another aspect of my personality. It’s going to be about accepting whatever I have explored so far. Just reeling it all in. And so, no, I do not want to run away from anything any more. Things are good! Even if they aren’t, I can turn things around. I think I’ve had good enough practice by now. 

So this forthcoming year will be about all those glittering words of mine that may or may not be gold, backed with some silver lines. 


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