Walking on Eggshells 

Morning today began with a bang, quite literally. I had boiled and refrigerated an egg yesterday, hoping for a quick reheat and eat for a rushed Thursday morning. The catch? I forgot to peel the shell off before placing the damn egg in the microwave. What followed was an eggsplosion of sorts on the 1:58 minute mark. Two more seconds, and I would have been safe. Instead I was subjected to a massacre in the form of exploded scrambled eggs splattered all over the microwave insides and the induction stove surface. 

Much of my morning went into clearing up the mess that I had half anticipated. I should have just asked the egg to go back into its shell, much like what I will be resorting to, in the next few days. Instead, I missed my bus and ended up reaching 10 mins late for a 50 mins class. So much for being a wannabe egghead. 

Exploding eggs aside, there have been several other factors egging me into an explosion of another sort. And before we can try for a sunny side up, let me first describe the fritata that cooked up instead. 

The first two weeks of grad school have been pretty weird. It’s a hell lot of changes that I’ve just not become accustomed to yet. An overbearing grown-up woman-child and a kind of cool girl with some resonating interests form my cohabitants. Getting on-board with a new living situation has been tricky, especially with the former. Getting into the whole study routine is a whole other ball game. I feel almost rusty, not having attended classes seriously for almost two years now! 

Also, this country is pretty much alien to me. The only other person that I know here from before is my unoriginal friend from my previous lab, who is now looking to embrace the Vietnamese culture. I think he just relates more to the war striken country and oppression that followed, except that in his case, the war zone is more mental. Nevertheless, he’s good company and hopefully in his quest to turn Oriental, I’ll end up making a more diverse set of friends (for your reference: this place is full of Indians).  Also, this might be the second racist thing I’ve said here, but does it count if a woman of color says it about other people of color? How American do I sound already? 

Now for the sunny side, this is apparently the only time that this place HAS a sunny side. It’s expected to get colder during winters and gloomier too. On a sunnier note, I’m thrilled to be working with my professor, he’s pretty cool. Going by a PhD comics reference, I have a pretty influential grand-advisor. Which just makes me psyched about being here and hopefully this enthusiasm doesn’t die down too soon. I also just got my hands on the latest Harry Potter book and before I plunge into it to get utterly disappointed by the lack of JK’s Rowlingness in the book, let me try casting a spell

Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow,
Remind me to make a good study plan on trello. 


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