Snooze the booze: Eight rules for drinking 

Because constrained drinking is the best, apparently. 

These were a few pointers that I had given to a friend when he had just started drinking. You can’t really stop anyone from drinking, but you can always advise people on drinking responsibly. I think I need a quick refresher, myself.

1. Never drink when you’re upset.

This was lesson #1 in real life for me. I was actually caught in college after having drunk a lot, and a guy friend of mine gave me some sound advice: Never drink to drown your sorrows. Drink to enjoy and have fun, let loose.

In my own personal experience, I’ve had the most fun when I’ve drank in moderation and when I haven’t had any emotional burden ready to break me apart.

Which leads us to the second point:

2. Drink in moderation.

There’s always an urge to overdo it. I think it’s almost always an adrenaline rush. Let’s see how far I can go before the thoughts in my mind stop buzzing and I lose total control. Damn my childlike curiousity.

I would say drink till you are buzzed. Anything more is not worth it.

3. Never drink and drive.

(Or do anything rash basically) Obviously. For me it’s not even a possibility. I don’t know how to drive. Any driving is drunk driving for me. If I can get the car to start that is.

4. Carry a limited budget if you are drinking outside.

Firstly, drinking outside is a good idea. There’s nothing worse than burning a hole both literally and figuratively in your pocket AND your soul when you’re drunk. There’s a high possibility that you are miserly like I am and will keep a watchful eye on how much you’re spending and by implication,  drinking, while the other eye tries to ogle and rove around the bar.

5. Never drink alone.

Probably a consequence of point no. 1. Drinking should strictly be a social thing. I would hate to be alone in a state of high vulnerability.

6. If you’re drinking with someone else, always make sure that one is a lot more sober to take care if the other slips up.

7. Never mix too many drinks. Cocktails are strong. The effect and hangover gets multiplied.

8. Never drink on an empty stomach. Higher alcohol absorption rate in the body.

As I type this out, there’s probably a very low chance that I’m going to be drinking any time soon. I almost want to go teetotal or rather teatotal. I can never give up on tea! So for now, I need to snooze the booze.

To others however, drink responsibly!


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