Brookside Park – Part 4

*** Read part 1, part 2, part 3 ***

“I thought you were an early riser. Why are you so late?”, Aria quizzed Gul.

Gul had had to run to catch the bus. She was panting.

“I mean, you used to manage to come early enough when there were no buses to catch!”. Aria was sitting in the second to last row of the bus near the window. She had reserved the spot next to her for Gul.

“It’s something to do with buses, I think. I somehow always end up running after the bus.” Gul explained, apologetically.

“Yeah, all the private limos were taken, so this was the only option that we had. Oh well!”

“Monday morning blues?”

“Nah just a general state of mind.”

“So where exactly are we going?”

“Wait, what did you tell the driver?”

“I said, “to wherever that mean pale chick with the straight black hair from the back is going” “, Gul replied snarkily.

“Oh right, you’re a student at the university, you just need to flash your ID”, Aria replied, half smiling.

“And that”, Gul smiled back, jubilant.

“Radio PerSonic, that’s where we’re going.”

“I love that channel. They have some great content and songs. I love listening to that RJ… Arkaya. She usually has some great advice.”

“I see.”

“Do you listen to her as well?”

“I have no option do I?”

“So, do you know her?”

“We’ve met. She’s a bit of a drone sometimes. She seems too full of herself sometimes.” Aria shrugged.

“No way, she’s amazing!” Gul was clearly fangirling.

“Yeah well she has to get down from the bus, her stop has arrived.”

“No way! So that’s how you know that I’ve been to the park so often! “If you find yourself sulking and your sorrows bulking, Brookside park is a great place to be at” ”, Gul recited, ecstatically.

“Yeah let’s get out of the bus first, girl. I’ll give you an autograph later.”

“I’m not settling for anything less than a selfie and a song dedication on your show, you know!”

“I’m already regretting this.”

*** Read part 5 ***


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