How I Stole Thanksgiving

…for myself. I’m new to this country and apparently Thanksgiving is huge here. People have extended weekends where they go meet family and have a nice turkey dinner. That’s not really an option for me (though I would never ever turn down a turkey dinner), so I had very clearly decided for myself that I would use my thanksgiving break to finish mounds of work. Of course, it didn’t pan out that way and I’m glad it didn’t. I’ve been working hard non-stop since the beginning of this semester (my very first here). I desperately needed a mental cleanse. The introvert in me was screaming for a time-out. A simple day of relaxation and  YouTube marathon is all that I had wanted.

The plan seemed easy enough, except that it was slightly marred by an accidental spillage of water over my laptop (due to no one’s fault; just a tip: never buy cheap water bottles that don’t have air tight lids). And then I had no WiFi for a day and I had anyway exhausted my mobile data limit for the month. My worst fears came true. No electronics. No internet. I freaked out.

I never realized that I’m so dependent on technology. It’s not as if I always feel the need to stay connected (though, considering that my boyfriend stays miles away, it’s nice to know that I can text him or call him up whenever I feel like). I can very well take a day off and completely keep to myself, but I prefer going out alone to explore the neighborhood or using my laptop to maybe blog a bit. Or watch some interesting content on the internet. Now given the weather outside, I find the first option increasingly difficult to implement. Damn, winters are cold here! And no electronics for the second option, what was I to do? Of course, I then resorted to my usual quick fix for stress response: cooking and eating. And taking an Epsom salt bath (which turned out pretty well for my PMS).

And then I bought more electronics (a tablet and a laptop) through the black friday sales, so that I never have to face my worst fears again. Thank you Amazon and my finally functional WiFi.

Overall, thanksgiving week has been pretty chill and a nice detox for a true blue introvert like me. Spent some three days alone in my apartment (both my roommates are out doing more ‘fun’ stuff) doing nothing at all and I feel extremely satisfied with the end result. So I guess I’ll just take some time off to thank myself for trying to be awesome every day. I think it’s working, I better keep the ball rolling.


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