The Chill

“Chilling” has never been my thing. I have no chill. I’m so hot headed, chilling immediately causes a meltdown and I have pick myself up from a watery mess. It helps if I can throw in a pun or two during said meltdowns.

Subtlety has never been my strongest suit. If I can’t understand a mathematical proof, I’m not only dumb, I’m also good for nothing. If someone is rude to me, he/she is the most selfish and inconsiderate person in the world. If someone disregards my opinions, that person is not only wrong, he/she must be corrected. I take things way too personally. Of course all of this magically disappears when I have good food and then I don’t feel like holding grudges for too long.

Being in wintry Iowa, I think I need to imbibe in me, its best characteristic. It’s so chilled out here! And so calm!

The word chill is however, also associated with another meaning. A chilling sensation. Something thrilling and exciting enough to send a chill down my spine, give me goosebumps. I must say, I like that kind of chill.

I’ve been doing lots of things these days to get that chill. I hope to grab every possible opportunity out here to make the most out of my PhD. The world, is my infinite research grant. I just need to make the right proposals.

Weirdly enough, a friend of mine happened to share a rather meaningful post on Facebook which made me reflect and think about how wonderfully fortunate I am for even having this platform.


I think about it every now and then and that’s one of the things keeps me going even in intense stages of distress. The fact is that my parents have made life a lot easier for me and I really hope to make them proud with whatever I do. I also hope to be able to support my boyfriend in whatever he wants to do in life.


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