The world may not be the happiest place to be, at the moment, what with temperatures soaring, both politically and climatically. People, globally,  however need to warm up (see what I did there?) to the idea of a new wave of perceiving the world from a scientific mindset. There’s obviously a lot of entropy being generated, and that seems to be the law of the universe. And for some reason entropy has a negative connotation : it’s chaotic, it’s messy, it’s hell. Hell, no! 

Entropy is also generation. Creation. In information theory, entropy is information, it’s new knowledge. And being a PhD student, knowledge is all around me and all that I care about. There’s so much to imbibe every day, I can tirelessly strive and work, learn and explore and still not feel fully satisfied. Entropy is in discontent. There needs to be a want to know more. There needs to be a dissatisfaction in the current state, in order to progress. After that, all you need is a will to take that leap forward. 

I think, entropy, in a long run, is always progress. So if you find yourself fueled by desire, why not light a fire? 


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