Feb mediocrities

February might be the shortest month of the year, but it was full of polar events. Joyous melancholy. Peaceful chaos. An unsettling calm following an unspoken discourse.

And before you stop reading this blog post full of riddling paradoxes, I just want to state that all extremes ultimately average out, and what are left are oft-ignored mediocrities. So why not take some time out to appreciate the small things that constitute a major chunk of our lives. Some small observations from the month that was, in no particular order of importance:

  1. February 24th was going to be a life-changing date for my Unoriginal Friend. He was supposed to quit smoking. However, he broke his resolution as quickly as he finishes an entire pack of cigarettes. He also followed that up by buying a $53 carton of cigarettes. Surely, he’s killing himself a little bit every day, but isn’t he also living a little bit more?  To Unoriginal Friend: thanks for being unapologetic-ally entertaining.
  2. February saw an average of 4 seasons per week in Iowa. From a balmy 20°C to rain, to freezing rain, and freezing hell of -15°C and bouts of snow. This is the only place where weather is actually an interesting conversation filler.
  3. February meant great things for our infant Data Science Reading Group, at university (discreet shout-out!). We registered our group as an official student organization, made a constitution, and also applied for funding. Quite a harrowing process, but definitely the start of something huge. Hopefully we’ll keep the ball rolling for this one.
  4. Ironically keeping the ball rolling, requires friction, according to the laws of physics. And so when I was extremely annoyed with the dull and administrative jobs that I had to do to get our group recognition, I lashed out at others for not helping me out enough. Which led to a cascade of “you’re awesome, so hard-working, keep up the good work” messages for me, though the final two were more mocking than genuine. Still, it was pretty cool.
  5. My boyfriend has a flair for attractive presents. So he initially ordered me a fancy magnetic sand timer, which unfortunately broke minutes after I opened it. I had to send it back to Amazon, but he sent me yet another gift which was magnetic balls for making sculptures. It’s such a perfect gift for someone as OCD as me. I keep making symmetric shapes.
  6. February was a good month for kick-starting actual research. Which means I actually proved some stuff and got exciting results. I also ordered myself a Kindle, which unfortunately I haven’t had the time to read.
  7. I did get extremely agitated, affected and disturbed by certain events, and things not working out. And I had started feeling unusually low. But then I decided, when things don’t work out, work out! I started gymming about a week back because I thought I needed a positive change in life. And to tame all the crazy building up inside me. So far so good, I hope I continue the practice.

So that was about as mediocre as it was awesome a month. I feel that the word “mediocre” gets a negative rep for no good reason. Not everything is supposed to be “perfect” and “excellent”. It’s okay for things to be “just-about-fine”!

On that note, here’s looking forward to an exciting March.


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