Brookside Park – Part 6

*** Read part 5 here. ***

“Great, we’ve got our first call. Do you want to take this one?”

“You have an option?”, Gul inquired, being the radio newb that she was.

“One ALWAYS has options, in life… and at the radio! You don’t need to pick up every phone-call that life throws at you! Sometimes letting them go to the “missed” tab just saves you of a lot of headache!”

“And possibly makes the caller really mad”, Gul stated, matter-of-factly.

“Well, you can’t please everyone”, Aria shrugged.

“But it’s probably a good idea to at least keep the audience who listens to you drone on for hours, happy.”

The phone stops ringing.

“And that’s how you miss a perfectly harmless call. Just spend enough time contemplating. How does this make you any different from me?”

“Sadly, it doesn’t.”

“Don’t be too sad, we have another call and I presume that you’d like to pick it up.”

“I’ll do it for the audience…”, Gul said, dully.

“Hi, is this radio PerSonic?”

“Good morning, you’re on PerSonic and how is it going Mr….?”, Aria ratted out.

“Not so well, I guess.”

“Well, I’m sorry to hear that Mr. Not-so-well. What’s your real name though?”, Aria asked, passively.

“I guess I’m going to stick to Not-so-well.”

“So what brings you to this state?”

“There’s this girl…”

“Let me guess, she broke up with you?”, Aria piped in.

“Yeah. I can’t get her out of my head”, the anonymous caller replied.

“Would you like to help with this, Gul?”

“Well, I guess you could engage in some hobbies… I’ve heard that Brookside Park is a great place to roam around in the mornings!”, Gul advised, excitedly.

“Yeah, she really does think so.”

“Okay thanks. Gotta go.”

“That was abrupt!” Gul sounded offended.

“Don’t think about it. They’re usually disturbed and don’t take kindly to any advice.”

“Wow this job is tougher than I thought it to be.”

“Next call!”

“Hi this is Not-too-bad.”

“I guess the theme of today’s show is Not-that-great! But good to know. Do you have a song request?”, Aria asked the caller.

“Yeah, I do. For the poor bloke who just hung up on you guys. Give him “Here comes the sun” by Beatles. Just step outside, soak in some Vitamin D for the serotonin rush, Mr. Not-so-well!”

“That’s an all time favorite of mine! Great choice! Have a not-too-bad day young man!”

Aria cues up the music for the listener. The mics are off.

“Wow. That was weird! And sweet!”, said Gul, amused.

“It’s a community, Gul. We’ve all been through mental issues some time or another. It’s totally fine to embrace that side of yourself and help out another in need.”

“So that’s what this is? A community of people with mental issues?”

“Why do you single them out like they’re different?”

“I mean, I guess we need to talk to them more sensitively, if they have issues going on.”

“Well, a feigned sensitivity can just feel isolating and very foreign to the person. What helps more is just talking like a friend would. More sense of inclusivity and normalcy.”

“I see.”

There’s a long pause.

“You’ve had issues too, I’m sure. I don’t think you’re over your break-up yet”, Aria nudged.

“Well, I just try to push any thoughts related to it, aside.”

“It’s probably not the best idea to ignore it.”

“What can I say about it though, Aria? There’s nothing I can do to fix things. I don’t want to be with him. Period.”

“That’s not what’s bugging you. Are you telling me that you’d wake up at 5am in the morning for weeks straight, if you didn’t have stuff going on?”

“I haven’t been able to sleep properly”, Gul admitted.

“You shouldn’t hesitate to speak about your issues.”

“Well, I can’t. The person that I’d like to talk to about this, doesn’t exist in my life any more. There are all of these after-effects, but I’ve removed the root cause from my life. And now I don’t know what to do with the off-shoots.”

“I think you need to make a call.”

“What if he doesn’t pick up?”

“Well then he’s probably saving himself of a huge headache. But I meant PerSonic.”

“Okay then. Tomorrow, same time. Different place.”

“So, I guess I won’t see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah. But you’ll hear from me.”

***Read part 7 here***


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