Brookside Park – Part 7 : Finale

***Read part 6 here.***

“A very Good morning, Londoners. Specially the one straying around Brookside Park at this early hour!”, Aria greeted her audience. “We have an interesting discussion lined up for today, so stay tuned, for some madness!”

The phone rings.

“We have our first call already!”

Aria picks up the call.

“Good morning, RJ Arkaya. This is Miss Lost-These-Days.”

“Good morning! So why do you feel so lost these days?” , Aria asked the caller.

“I tried to make what seemed like a good decision for myself, and I’m quite convinced I did. But I can’t figure out this hollow feeling within me.”

“So what was this decision that you had to make?”

“Letting go of someone who wasn’t right for me.”

“Does that make you feel bad?”

“No. I think both he and I are better off, without each other in our lives.”

“Then what is it that you feel hollow about?”

“I’m really finding it hard to figure that out.”

“Do you feel wronged?”

“I do. Constantly.”

“Did you ever express that sentiment?”

“I did.”

“So what’s more to this than just that? You decided to end the story. You expressed all that you had to. I don’t see what’s left.”

“Exactly. Nothing is. That’s the point though, isn’t it? You give something so much importance at some point in your life. Only to realize months later, that it doesn’t work. All of your efforts were useless. That’s not a good feeling.”

“So you can’t cope with failure?”

“It’s a mix of a lot of things. Yeah, it sucks to fail. It sucks to not have people around that you thought you could rely on. It sucks to realize that you need to rely on people in the first place.

“Maybe you shouldn’t rely on people then.”

“I’m not an asocial person. I don’t like not having anyone around. Yeah, I open up in front of very few people. And if I do, I usually want them around. That’s how most human beings work, don’t they? That’s why people have friends.”

“I agree, that is how most human beings work. Socializing is good for you and your mental health.”

“So I guess I do feel sad about that.”

“It’s only human to grieve the loss of someone’s presence in your life. But you need to remember that as a social being, you need to make new associations when old ones disengage. And closing yourself off doesn’t help with that.”

“I agree.”

“So let me tell you about this young bloke that I met in the morning today. Right before I came to work.”

“Brookside park has a new explorer?”

“Yeah. His name rhymes with Not-so-well.”

“That’s odd.”

“Seems like he took your advice.”

“Did he explain why he was that rude?”

“It’s got to do with the girl that broke his heart.”

“I see.”

“I asked him to tune into today’s show. We might have a new young follower to our show. So let’s give him and a few others a chance to speak, shall we? Till then, do you have any song requests?”

“I want it that way, by Backstreet Boys”

“That’s such a 90s kid song to request. But before I play that, I have a new call.”

“Hi, I just listened to the story of our new community member and I think she has an amazing voice. Is she a singer? Greetings from Always-up-for-a-Cup-of-Tea”

“That’s cute! I’m sure Miss Lost-These-Days is listening.”

The phone rings again.

“Wow, we sure have a lot of air traffic today. Good morning, welcome to PerSonic.”

“Hi, Arkaya, I wanted to tell Miss Lost-These-Days that the fried chicken in the new corner shop is just amazing. She should come by if she’s hoping to bump into Food-Hogger.”

“Okay, community folks, that’s it for trying to cheer up our peer. I’m sure she needs nothing more than some tea and fried chicken while humming the tune to “I want it that way”. And if that doesn’t work, she knows where she can find me!”


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