Persistence : A take

What is persistence? 

Persistence is when your roommate sleeps right through an alarm that rings for 2 minutes straight, waking you up but not her. 

Persistence is when Iowa weather refrains from stabilising and staying constant for more than 2 days at a stretch. 

Persistence is when Paul, the check-out guy at Hyvee always has something randomly ordinary yet amusing to share during his extremely late night shift. 

Persistence is when the old veteran with the shaky hand, who rides the Cyride bus service, manages to make small talk with every bus driver, while travelling back and forth across campus everyday. 

Persistence is when one looks forward to sharing the events of even a mundane day, with someone special. 

Persistence is how I end up missing multiple buses, in spite of checking the bus schedule several times. 

Persistence is how I insert a pun into every article I write. 

Persistence is when I continue writing a list on persistence. 

Maybe persistence is just a force of habit. And maybe all the one needs, to persist, is to form that habit. 


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