Return of the Saucepan

It’s my first post after a really long time. And it’s been a very, very heavy month, so far. So people who know me must be wondering… “Really, Ga…(okay can’t give away my name) Parmeniac, your first post after so long, and you’re writing about saucepans?” 

To which I’d like to say, that I don’t exactly know the best way to eloquently express what has been going on, and at this point, I can’t give it full justice. So let’s ponder over relatively mundane things for now. There’s a life lesson in everything! 

Now this is a rather dumb event that happened in the past week. I’ve been stressed out at work. But one of my roommates has been particularly free, because she’s doing a mostly disappointing MBA course here at university, so her semester wrapped up a month before mine. Since then, she has become housewife (or the gender neutral homemaker, as they call it here). Which is a polite way of saying, she has no job (not that she contributes to household chores either, so technically homemaker is wrong too). Her good friend has also started frequenting way more often than I’d like a mere acquaintance of mine to frequent my house. I call him househusband (or the gender neutral… err… homemaker). Two many homemakers spoil the broth and make it a boiling pot of increasing inconvenience. 

Speaking of which, housewife happened to give away my saucepan to househusband without even asking me. Why? Because she wanted to support him in his homemaking skills. 

Apparently there exists a category of entitled people who think they can get anything they want, giving no regard to the people around them.  

And so far, I really had been letting it slide. Small things. But not my saucepan! You can’t take tea-making equipment from a tea addict! Specially during her peak tea consumption regime due to previously alluded to stress factors. 

And so, it came to a mild confrontation. I had to ask her about the whereabouts of my saucepan. And I had to push her into giving it back to me, which was also tough because she made it look like a case in which we couldn’t deprive househusband of basic privileges like having a saucepan. Here’s an idea. Maybe buy him one? 

I’ll excuse myself before the stupidity quotient of this post falls below my tolerance limit. So if you’re looking for the life lesson here, here it goes: sometimes in life, you have to fight for things that are rightfully yours. No, I’m not talking about people here. You don’t own people. But things, situations, experiences. So don’t hold back from seizing your happiness. Even if it’s just a saucepan. Carpe diem! 


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