Hi, I’m Vedika. And I’m going to be the narrator of this story. If you’re wondering what this story is about or who I am, I already like you. I like people who are curious. I’m a curious soul myself. Which means that I have a lot of questions. Questions about the world around me.

But the world around me doesn’t look so good right now. I don’t need rose tinted glasses, everything looks so red. I stare up at the sky, and I see darkness, in the form of clouds. The sun hasn’t even fully set, yet the clouds mask a great extent of the red wavelengths of light. As if beating atmospheric diffraction wasn’t enough! Blocks of grey floating in a crimson red sea is a sight hard to beat.

Beyond the horizon, is a land full of calamity. Chaos. Nature tormenting people with storms of the worst kind. There’s fear, there’s loss. We’re at war. But this very dark sky seems to protect me, it acts like a barrier. For what I see, is only diffused redness. Reality is much harsher.

Look at me, pondering over the perils that humanity has to brave. Don’t I sound pretentious? Trying so hard to describe the je ne sais quoi of the evening sky? That random dude on the street doesn’t seem to think anything of it. And quite frankly, there is no physical significance of the cloudy red sky, except that it might lead to a rainy tomorrow.

But that’s not how chaos theory works. There’s a butterfly effect. Small causes can have larger effects. Things can spiral out of proportion. So, no. I choose not to turn a blind eye to the small changes around me. I’m sensitive to my surroundings and rightly so. Reading signs from tea leaves, is well, not my cup of tea. But, I think I want to notice the small things around me and question their origin. Wonder about their existence. And probably try to peer through  the fog at the distant future.

But mere wonderment does no good, does it? That doesn’t right any wrongs. A body at rest stays at rest. And so does the unrest.

And so I need to transition. I need to take action. I need to fuel this spark of red.

A little physics background suggests that the color of a flame is a good indicator of its temperature. Apparently red corresponds to lower temperatures. The intensity increases as one transitions from red to orange. It’s the orange that burns the flame of desire.

[This was part 1 of the Roy G Biv series.]


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