How to Operate with a Humanoid: Part 7

Confederacy of the corporate clones.

Ever since Drake, the humanoid ventured into the corporate world, he wanted to become a name to reckon with. So he beat other corporate clones and used his robotic and deep learning skills to climb up the corporate ladder. Now he’s boss man and has his own set of corporate minions to control.

Since humanoids are not exactly “people”-persons, this can get rather challenging. In a twist of fate, corporate boss-level humanoids, have to be the ones issuing commands, instead of being issued commands to. This can be especially challenging when they are at the mid-high level hierarchy and have to both validate results from a lower level and get their results validated from the higher level.

Corporate boss-level humanoids go about their days, in a robotic fashion, as expected. They have a set of algorithmic-ally determined meals on a weekly basis, as per schedule. Their travel plans are also robotic-ally scheduled through AI powered transportation services such as Uber. In their spare time they do randomize the inputs to their usual routines, and sometimes end up getting optimal results. An example of this can be painting colorful imagery or cooking an exquisite meal for self, and the output is usually high levels of self-satisfaction, which is often missing from often over-worked boss-level humanoids.

Boss-level humanoids also love giving life-advice, since they have been trained by a deluge of intensive experiences encompassing a wide range of human emotions. If offered one, it is definitely worthwhile to listen to the sage-like counsel of such humanoids.

Boss-level humanoids are also a limited number of steps away from becoming Chief-level executives, though Drake the humanoid does have some prior backstage experience in that department (this esoteric joke will most likely only be understood by Drake). In all likelihood, he will get their sooner than most people would expect, because of his super-awesome and unique set of skills.

The only thing boss-level humanoids lack is physical affinity to cute girlfriend, so here’s hoping Drake the humanoid can invent teleporting abilities (or at least clone self and send one to meet cute girlfriend) using his superior intellect. Till then, all he can do is ACK this mor(o)se code message.

EDIT: This happens to be my 100th post on the blog! Yay to me!


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