Tis the season to be jolly

Feliz navidad! Merry Christmas! Happy new year! And also to people like me with birthdays during the holiday season, Happy Birthday! I apologize on the behalf of all those busy people out there, who just can’t stick around for your birthday and have other plans. But you’re still awesome and oh what fun it is to run (alone) in a one-horse open sleigh, a whole year older and wiser!

For me, I started my 25th year on a rather shaky note: this was the first year I was celebrating my birthday without any close friend or relative nearby. And actually a certain friend who is currently away was even rude to me. But I doubt you can take me complaining about mundane issues like this seriously, coming from a 25 year old woman! I feel old! And I feel that I need to just let petty things slide, and figure out how to have fun.

Which is exactly what I did, though only after gulping down an entire bottle of wine. I have for long wanted to fix things with certain people, and I attempted to do that. How successful was I? More so than I’ve been in the past 2 years. At least I have a load off my chest.

Apart from that I did manage to go out with some of my friends who were in town! It was a fun outing to say the least, and I’m quite happy to be able to be bond with a completely new set of people, which would have never been possible, had I not been left all alone. I also got in touch with some of my friends from college.

I think this winter break has been a learning experience for me. (Speaking of which, I literally got myself a Learner’s Permit!) It has been constructive in multiple ways. For the rest of the days, I hope to get some of my manuscripts ready, to submit for certain conferences. I also hope to get my internship applications on track. So, 2018, ready or not, here I come!

A new year resolution for 2018? To try and be less neurotic, most stable, mingle more, and try to be a happier person in general. A good sense of humor and positive energies can go a long way!

Also, note to self: one does not need to depend on alcohol to “let loose” or “feel good”. I seem to have a dependence because I am extremely uptight otherwise. Too much of a perfectionist to not want to settle for something I haven’t planned/envisioned. So, to the 2018 me: plan things with a reasonable delta error margin. And chill out a little!


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