All over the world

Over the past few months, I jet setted all over North America! It started when I flew to Long Beach, California, to present my first ever paper, back in December ’17! It was a refreshing change from corny Iowa (there was a video trending #1 on YouTube this week, called Welcome to Iowa, that should give you a good idea of what I’m talking about). I also visited Huntington Beach, because I love beaches, and they’ve been a part of my life for around 5 years (my undergraduate degree college was in a state full of beaches, and Mumbai, where I come from, also has quite a few of those).

Next stop was in March ’18, during Spring Break, this time to New York City (Manhattan) and then to Atlantic City! I got to meet some old friends after a very long time! Saw some museums, casinos, and yes, a beach again! And pocketed some salt water taffy on my way back!

Soon after, in April ’18, I visited Washington DC to visit my boyfriend after a very long time! He was around for presenting two papers at a conference! We saw the cherry blossoms during their (almost) peak season, and also saw some monuments and museums! And the White House, of course!

I’m only halfway through my route map so far. Next few stops are Calgary, Canada for a conference; Mumbai, India to visit home; Boston, Massachusettes for a summer internship and Vail, Colorado for another conference! Possibly Cleaveland, Ohio to meet my sisters! All in the span in the next few months!

I feel so high and so fly 🤓! Let’s hope I continue getting chances to see new places!


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